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 Fatal Addiction Guild Applications

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PostSubject: Fatal Addiction Guild Applications   Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:07 pm

Fatal Addiction Expectations: We expect people to be freqeunt and dedicated to this guild, Turn up for raids when asked to, Have an understanding of tactics, bring pots & flasks to raids, check forums, MOTD and guild info in-game, Treat others with respect & most important not to perform 100% every raid.

Starting Information

Time Zone:
Where you heard of guild:


___ to ___ Sunday
___ to ___ Monday
___ to ___ Tuesday
___ to ___ Wednesday
___ to ___ Thursday
___ to ___ Friday
___ to ___ Saturday

System Information & Communication

Connection Type:
Connection Speed:
Do you have a mic:
Do you have ventrilo:

Character Information:

Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Class:
Current PvE Spec:
Current Glyph Setup:

Are you willing to respec if required:

What makes your character stand out:

Current Professions:

Whats your previous raiding experience?:

Have you cleared all wotlk raids or want to add any previous raiding experience(Naxx, OS, EoE, Ulduar, ToC, ICC 10 & 25)?:

Do you have an understanding of your role in a raid and what is expected of you?:

If this is not your main character, then please give some information on why your playing
this character and post both armorys below.

Please An Amory Link Here:

Reason For Leaving Previous Guild?:

Reason For Joining This Guild?:

What makes you stand out from everyone else, why should we recruite you? (be descriptive as you can) :

Once filled in all of these fields accurately and carefully. Please expect a reply in these forums or in game.

Thank you for taking your time, we hope to recruite you soon if the standards are met.


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Fatal Addiction Guild Applications
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